Legs Vein Treatment in Panvel

Pandemic, Paranoia and Problems

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world lives. Our priorities have changed and rightfully so. Preventing ourselves from the yet to be fully understood novel disease is important but getting paranoid about it will not help. The World Health Organisation and many scientists have pointed out that the pandemic will last for atleast two years. Use of face mask, Physical distancing and Hand sanitation are our best defence against this virus till science comes up with a vaccine or cure.

One of the fallout of the pandemic is other health issues are being neglected by patients since there is fear of contracting Covid infection while visiting doctors and hospitals. Many patients who suffer from varicose veins of legs too are being affected and are developing painful complications such as leg pain, swelling, ulcer and even vein blockages! Delaying the treatment and lack of exercise or activity in the lockdown period are the two main reasons for this.

Varicose Veins and Blood circulation

Varicose Veins in legs result in poor blood circulation which in turn causes various painful complications such as leg pain, swelling, ulcer and even vein blockages!

Following are some measures which can be taken at home in this lockdown period to improve blood circulation in leg veins:

Avoid prolonged sitting

If you are working from home, avoid sitting for prolonged periods. After 30 minutes, make sure you walk about for 5 minutes and stretch your body.

Calf muscle strengthing

The calf muscles play an important role in returning blood in leg veins to heart. Do calf muscle strengthing exercise – support your back against a wall and raise both heels (“tippy toe” movements). Do 15 to 20 repetitions, twice daily.

Compression stockings

Use of correct stockings, one which provide “graduated compression” will help in improving the blood circulation.

Appropriate clothing

Avoid wearing tight, ill fitting clothing which will decrease venous blood return from legs.

Leg elevation

This is an effective and the easiest way to improve blood circulation in leg veins. It can be done in following manner:

On a pillow cushion

Start by lying down on your bed or a couch and place your legs on a stack of pillows. Be sure to keep your feet at a level above your heart to get the most benefits. You can do your office work, watch television or even meditate in this position. Do not elevate your legs on a hard surface without a cushion because the edges of the desk or table can dig into your skin. This can cause bruising along with leg pain and will do more harm than good to your circulation.

Against the wall

Lay on the floor with your bottom against the wall and lift your legs straight up in the air as you rest them on the wall. It is important that you place a pillow beneath your head to feel more comfortable and prevent neck or back injury. Keep this pose for only five to ten minutes at a time so that you do not put added stress on other parts of your body. Aim to get in at least ten minutes of elevation at a time, two times a day for improved circulation.

While sleeping

Place pillows at the foot of your bed for your legs to rest on. Make sure the pillows extend from heel to knees to avoid strain on back. For those who are concerned with kicking the pillows during the night, you can place pillows directly under the mattress.

Prevention is better than Cure

It is important to understand our leg vein problems with scientific information and take right measures to prevent them from increasing. And as far as the Covid19 pandemic is concerned, it is important to realize that pragmatism not panic, change not chaos, world co-operation not fervour nationalism will help humanity to triumph over this crisis.


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