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Varicose Veins Mumbai
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I consulted Dr.Ashish Dhadas regarding my Varicose Veins. After examination, he suggested Laser treatment for them. I was explained in detail about various aspects of the treatment. I no longer suffer from pain, swelling of my legs. I am very happy with the treatment received.

Anita Bhoir

Due to Varicose Veins, my leg used to be swollen and I had limitations while walking, running and exercising. After my consultation with Dr.Ashish Dhadas, I gained the confidence to undergo Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) at Surekha Varicose Veins Clinic, Samata Hospital. Now, I am cured of my disease completely. The hospital staff too is very helpful.

Pooja Sawarkar

I was suffering from Varicose Veins in both legs for many years. A few months ago, I noticed blackening of skin in my right leg. The similar thing started in the left leg too. However, when there was sudden bleeding from one of the veins in the left leg, I consulted Dr. Ashish Dhadas. He suggested a venous doppler following which I underwent laser treatment for my varicose veins. I am now cured of my disease. I am extremely happy with the doctors and the staff of Samata Hospital.

Sushma Nagwekar

From past 4 years I was annoyed with my fever. I was undergoing with Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments, a break in my medicinal routine would bring back my fever. Reading an advertisement of Samata Hospital I immediately consulted Dr.Ashish Dhadas. The operation lasted for 3 hours and I was discharged within  2 days of operation. I really liked the hospital’s ambience and staff was co operative too.

M. T. Gawaskar

After my delivery I had the problem of Varicose Veins and I used to experience a lot pain and swelling which turned out as tumour. I consulted Dr. Ashish Dhadas and immediately don’t my laser treatment for my Varicose Veins as insisted by Dr. Ashish. Now I feel relaxed and free of 90% of my pain. Right treatment at right really gave me a life. I appreciate the doctor and the staff for providing me with proper treatment

Rupali Mavaal

From past many years I experienced a lot pain and swelling in my lower legs. Ive done treatments for many years but felt no relief. One of my friend introduced me to Dr. Ashish Dhadas and consulted him for the treatment , he diagnosed me and insisted me to operate. I was been admitted to the hospital for 2 days under supervision of Dr. Ashish. After a successful operation I am totally alright and experiencing no pain. I appreciate the doctor and staff for their quality service and treatment.

Avinash Mestry

I had Varicose Veins all over my legs and I was ignorant regarding its treatment, initially it started looking lethargic. I researched a bit about the Varicose Veins and its treatments which pointed me out about Surekha Varicose Veins Clinic . I immediately consulted Dr. Ashish Dhadas for my treatment and from briefing me everything about the procedures making me known about the Varicose veins I had my ClaCS treatment done and 80% of Veins are treated. I am happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Aparna Johari

From last one and half year I was noticing my veins getting thicker and changing colour on my stomach. I researched a bit about the Veins from the newspaper and immediately consulted Dr. Ashish Dhadas about my Veins problems and Dr. Ashish introduced me with the ClaCS treatment for my Veins and explained me with the pros and cons about Veins. I was a bit sceptical about the treatment but then later I decided to have it done. Now after having my treatment done I am experiencing no pain and I follow my routine normally.

Mansi Kocharekar

It was been 4 years I experienced pain totally unaware about cause and confused what to do. Later, my sister suggested about Dr. Ashish and I referred him for my treatment. I was diagnosed with “Spider Veins” and then Dr. Ashish introduced me with the ClaCS treatment and explained me everything about the treatment through a Graphical representation . According to my diagnostic reports doctor briefed me for ClaCS treatments and assured me to get treated within 2 seatings only. With the ClaCS treatment am experiencing no pain and I am free of my Spider Veins Problem with no side effects. I am thankful to Dr. Ashish for treating me for my Spider Veins

Geeta Vora